Monday, October 10, 2005

Be Heathen in All Things

I attended a workshop several months ago given by my friend Rod Landreth. One thing that he said that really stuck with me was "Be Heathen in All Things." As I am attempting to grow and learn and truely be heathen, this phrase has stuck with me.

What exactly does it mean to "Be Heathen?" At this point in my life it means despite the huge heartache I am going through, it means getting up every morning, looking for a job, taking care of my family and going on despite it all. It means continuing to attempt to maintain right relationships with those who have hurt me.

But it also means taking time to take care of myself. It means taking time to enjoy my family and friends. It means when I am not strong enough to go on, I can lean on my community.

Do I completely understand what it means to be heathen? Not entirely, but I do strive to make myself learn more each and every day.


Blogger Steven Tucker said...

I think I've made the same exact kind of posts myself. I know right where you are.

5:19 AM  
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